MSX IPS Patch Archive

Welcome to the MSX IPS Patch Archive; an archive dedicted to IPS patches made for MSX software. Special thanks go to Patriek Lesparre for the new icons, providing the new URL and points to some layout related issues to improve the archive.

All MSX IPS patches are structured inside a directory tree. Also there is a clear seperation between IPS patches for disk, rom and system roms. Most of the time the IPS files for the system roms can only be useful when using the result in an MSX-emulator.

There is still no progress on the more suitable sumbission method. Meanwhile it's still possible to submit IPS patches for MSX software by joining the #msxdev IRC channel on the Rizon network. The channel link only works with mIRC 5.81 or later. From mIRC 6.0 it's possible to disable this feature for security reasons, so be sure you have this feature enabled if you want to connect using it.

These files can be applied to a file on MSX using IPS4MSX. The latest version can also be found in the following locations:

IPS tools for other platforms can be found with any online search engine.

Remember to back up your source file before applying a patch onto it.

Index of /files/:

Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [   ] DV2FIXES.IPS 2013-05-17 18:57 143 Diskview 2 fixes patch. Patches 2.0 to 2.1, fixes 'more' after changing dirs and 256 root entries fix [   ] FDISK310.IPS 2013-05-17 18:57 42 FDISK 3.10 patch. Fixes the VOL_ID format: re-enables UNDEL feature for example [   ] GEM08CO2.IPS 2013-05-17 18:57 67 GEM.COM version 0.8 patch. Fixes bug in config file parser [   ] GEM08COM.IPS 2013-05-17 18:57 15 GEM.COM version 0.8 patch. Changes GEM to use Gfx9000 by default [   ] GEM08DAT.IPS 2013-05-17 18:57 41 GEM.DAT version 0.8 patch. Screen corruption fix for MSX2+ only [   ] KMGR3FIX.LZH 2016-02-28 22:21 1.0K Knightmare Gold R3 fixes patches. [   ] PDREAM.MIA 2016-02-28 22:21 1.6K Parallel Dream crashes fix [   ] PW-ENG.LZH 2016-02-28 22:21 9.3K Psycho World English translation reimplementation [   ] PW-STAT.MIA 2016-02-28 22:21 5.4K Psycho World status area tweaks [   ] RMLD199T.IPS 2013-05-17 18:57 46 ROMLOAD.COM version 1.99t patch. Cumulative fixes [TXT] RMLD199T.TXT 2013-05-17 18:57 189 RMLD199T.IPS fixes list [   ] SSRV-CHT.MIA 2016-02-28 22:21 248 Starship Rendezvous +6 trainer [   ] SSRV-TTL.MIA 2016-02-28 22:21 8.6K Starship Rendezvous title fix [   ] SSRV-UNC.MIA 2016-02-28 22:21 8.3K Starship Rendezvous UNcensored
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